Things To Ask Your Building Contractors Before You Hire Them

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When building new home, renovating an old home or making a new addition to your home you will always have to go through the tedious task of choosing a contractor for the job. It’s important to get the right contractor form the very beginning otherwise you may have to suffer the inconveniences of hiring a second contractor to fix the mistakes made by the first contractor. Most construction projects whether they are big or small have one common problem. If the contractor isn’t right for the job then the cost will be higher and the time taken to complete the project will be longer. That is why it’s important to always choose the right building contractor. So before choosing a contractor, have a sit down and find out if they are right for the job. Here are a few questions that you should definitely ask your contractor before you hire them.

Past experiences

Always find out about how many constructions they have completed. Not just the overall amount of projects but construction projects similar to what you want done. For example if you are looking for a contractor to build colorbond garages then find out exactly how many of that the contractor has successfully completed.

Amount of current ongoing projects

The tricky part about hiring a contractor is that most likely they have other projects going on at the same time. So find out about the capacity of workers they have and how many projects they are currently involved in. If you want to see fast results then make sure that you make this clear to the contractor and evaluate garage sheds if they have enough resources and time to pull off the job.


Most developers tend to higher subcontractors to carry out the work. This is not a negative point but remember that the deal you are making is with your contractor so if they are hiring a subcontractor then always check if they have past experience with working with that subcontractor. Find out if they are reliable and what guaranty you can get that the job will be done as you have expected. Keep in mind that the subcontractor should also have experience in similar projects. If you are looking to hire a contractor with experience in colorbond garages, then make sure their subcontractor will have experience in that as well. If the contractor you have chosen is taking a risk with a new subcontractor then that means that you too are taking a risk as well. So always ask if subcontractors will be involved in the building project.


After the construction is completed sometime you may need assistance in doing minor repairs or any further changes. Therefore always ask about the contractor’s policies and services regarding future assistance.

Besides this, find out about the contractors development plans. Whether if it’s a small project or a big project, its always better to get it done without any inconvenience. Always stress on the importance of the building time line and the quality you are looking for. If you don’t see that then it would be better to move on to another contractor.

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