Negative Effects Of Urbanization

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You will of course like the idea of urbanization considering all the benefits it brings along. It helps in overall economic development since people get career opportunities; they gain access to basic amenities such as schools, hospitals, banks etc., foreign investments flow to the country and also people’s thinking patterns change, where they move away from superstitious traditions. However keeping these aside, have you ever thought of the negative effects of urbanization? So here are some of them.


  1. It increases pollution

Pollution and people go hand in hand, since wherever people go, they don’t forget to pollute the environment. In cities, the situation is worse since there are too many people in a small area. Air pollution takes place with the increase use of vehicles and also from production factories. Water is polluted when harmful chemicals of industrial plants are released to rivers and streams. With all this traffic and hooting of horns, sound pollution will obviously take place. Such pollution is a cause of deadly diseases spread rapidly among people.


  1. Scarcity of accommodation

Since many people migrate to such big cities, there will be a scarcity of houses which then results in the development and slums. People have come up with rent serviced apartment in Hong Kong systems to overcome this problem, however not all could afford them so the slums continue to develop. These slums are very unhygienic and hence results in spread of disease.


  1. Increase in crime rates

People come to these cities with the hope of getting a job and starting life anew. However, with no jobs available to offer to all, people turn to illegal activities to earn money such as robbery, murder, drug dealing etc. Not all get equal career opportunities in such big cities and hence the rate of crime is increasing day by day. Also, since urban people are very individualistic; they go to work, come back to their HK serviced apartment and sleep, they do not care about what is happening around them. They simply ignore any type of crime happening which is another factor to cause such an increase. You can refer to short term apartment in Hong Kong for further options.


  1. Fall in agriculture produce

People working in the agricultural sector are the ones who shift to urban areas looking for jobs in the industry sector. With this, the amount of people working the agricultural sector decreases, causing the fall in agricultural produce. This could some what lead to a food crisis and needs to be seriously thought of since it could also cause inflation; when there is no supply for the high demand of food items.

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